Heidi & John

MARRIED APRIL 2016 "John and I are a spectacular match for each other. He is a brilliant, funny, sensual, compassionate and kind gentleman. We share an attraction to each other and have numerous interests in common. He is the first thing I think of every morning, and I fall asleep imagining the possibility of our lives intertwined." - Heidi "How do I start defining my impressions about Heidi? I would start by saying PERFECTION. Some of the obvious: She is really beautiful, elegant and stylish. Stunning eyes and smile. Now, the part that really got me, her mindset, the way that she thinks, her attitude toward life, with very clear goals, a strong spirit, but at the same time a caring person, with strong family values." - John

Heidi, Nurse & John, School District Director December 31, 2015

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