Tom and Dr. Terri. Married happily together for more than 8 years and every day feels like a first date! 

"Every day is magic with your best friend. Terri and I have been together for years thanks to Kelly. I enjoy seeing Kelly's growth as a matchmaker and I follow her intently. If you are afraid to take a risk and join a dating service, have no fear. Just look at us. We couldn't be happier. Second time round has been a charm for us." 

Terri, Pediatrician & Tom, Entrepreneur December 4, 2020


"I feel like we have known each other for years. After losing our spouses at a tender age, we have found first hand that there is joy and romance after loss. We feel very lucky to have found each other during this unique time in history. Thank you Kelly."

Helene, Retired & Wayne, C.P.A and Business Man December 4, 2020


"Frank and I are blessed, enjoy sharing every day, special occasions and holidays with each otehr! Especially with 2020 chaos, it is great to have someone you can count on!"

Theresa, Office Administrator & Frank, Sales Management December 4, 2020


"John and I are enjoying our best life together as couple. We travel everywher together and I have even taken up golf. We have found a soulmate in eachother and we couldn't be more grateful. Thank you Kelly and Team."

Christine, Veternarian & John, Author, CEO, and Business Owner December 4, 2020

Ivana, Contoller & Bruce

ENGAGED JUNE,2018 "It is such a blessing to share this with the world - we are like two peas in a pod - compatible in every way - the world is our oyster and we have both been waiting for each other forever"

Bruce, Executive Sales & Ivana, Controller June 25, 2018

MARRIED OCTOBER 2015 "Being single in your mid-20s, with a very hectic professional schedule is tough. Revolution Dating is a great option for busy, working professionals who are tired of the bar scene and online dating." - Alexandra

Alexandra, Teacher & Chris, Self-Employed October 12, 2016

"As they say, it only takes one if they’re the right one. Emily Jo and I are now engaged, and it wouldn't have happened without the Revolution Dating team. Thank you.” - Dr. Robert

Dr. Robert, Surgeon & Emily Jo, Retired Opera Singer October 12, 2016

ENGAGED 2017 "After my divorce, I joined mainly because of how time-consuming online dating was becoming... with no results. You have to keep up on it, and you never really know who you’re going to meet. Revolution Dating just made sense to me." - Joe

Ludmy, Nurse & Joe, Engineer October 12, 2016

"Kelly and her team make dating fun and easy by setting people up with quality individuals that share similar interests. I never imagined that I would fall in love with the perfect guy. My advice is to take your time and enjoy the Revolution Dating process. Great things are in store for you if you do." - Mona

Mona, Premier Realtor & Johnny, Retired Miami Police Officer October 12, 2016

"I still can not believe I found Barbara. After we were first introduced by Kelly at her Annual Lucky In Love Party, I knew immediately she was the one for me. It has been a wonderful journey since that moment as we share our lives together." - Gordon

Gordon, Retired Pilot & Barbara, Retired Nurse July 20, 2016

"This is the happiest I've been in years and joining Revolution Dating is the best investment I have ever made. I am so happy I met Kelly." - Hub

Hub, Retired Business Owner & Karen, Travel Agent June 23, 2016

"I have a very demanding job, and finding time to meet people is difficult. Thank god for Revolution Dating! The matchmakers there are really invested in making the right match for you. After asking me lots of questions about myself and what I am looking for, they introduced me to Darren! We are so happy together!" - Rhonda

Rhonda, Real Estate & Darren, Health Care System Analyst April 26, 2016

"Thank you so much for bringing Lynda and I together. Weekends are filled with fun and time flys... I'm hopeful that it's all good. " - Ken

Ken, Commercial Account Manager & Lynda, Nurse February 20, 2016

"As a young professional myself who is quite tech savvy, it's nice to know that in the world of online dating that there is still a legit dating service out there! The vice-president, Rachel, and president, Kelly, personally helped me with my dating profile and finding a match, which was so kind of them! All I will say is that I'm really impressed and that the girl I met is amazing." - Clinton

Dr. Clinton, Philanthropist & Ashley, Artist February 20, 2016

MARRIED MARCH 2017 "In a very short time period Judy and I have developed very special feelings for each other over the holiday season and although I would ordinarily be more reserved, our time & place feels like it was meant to be. She is a fantastic woman and I am cherishing every moment we're together. I truly believe this will be a lasting relationship. What else can I say but Thank you!" - Jack


Jack, Retired Engineer & Judy, Cosmetics Consultant February 20, 2016

MARRIED APRIL 2016 "John and I are a spectacular match for each other. He is a brilliant, funny, sensual, compassionate and kind gentleman. We share an attraction to each other and have numerous interests in common. He is the first thing I think of every morning, and I fall asleep imagining the possibility of our lives intertwined." - Heidi
"How do I start defining my impressions about Heidi? I would start by saying PERFECTION. Some of the obvious: She is really beautiful, elegant and stylish. Stunning eyes and smile. Now, the part that really got me, her mindset, the way that she thinks, her attitude toward life, with very clear goals, a strong spirit, but at the same time a caring person, with strong family values." - John

Heidi, Nurse & John, School District Director December 31, 2015

"I met many wonderful men during my time with Revolution Dating. However, it only took one date with Phil for me to know that a special relationship was blossoming. Phil took the time to really find out who I was... I am thrilled Kelly and her staff found the man for me!"
- Barbara

Barbara, Retired Nurse & Phil, Retired N.Y.C. Executive December 31, 2015

"Thank you again for facilitating a great relationship! Mick and I always share with others how the Revolution Dating process works. Kelly does a wonderful job... and we are looking forward to spending the New Year together."
- Rosemary

Mick, Business Owner & Rosemary, Retired Speech Pathologist December 31, 2015

"Without a doubt Revolution Dating provides the most effective matchmaking service in the area. It is through effort on many players parts to make a happy couple. Larry and I truly found the long term and lasting relationship we were seeking. We are so very happy together." - Ursula

- Ursula, Retired Teacher & Larry, Retired Business Owner December 9, 2015

"What a great service! Kelly and her team really understood what I was looking for in a woman. Revolution Dating is an uplifting and inspirational club... the proof is in the couples that can be spotted all over Florida. The moment I was introduced to Isabel, I knew I hit the jackpot! Her and I couldn’t be happier!" - Dr. John

- Dr. John, Psychologist & Isabel, Premier Realtor December 9, 2015

"The second I met Frank it was instant chemistry. He adores me, which is something I haven't experienced for years. I would never have met Frank without your help and encouragement and coaching. So, thank you Kelly and Rachel!" - Barbara

- Barbara, Retired Interior Designer & Frank, Business Owner December 8, 2015

"How refreshing it is to be at events with other professional men and women and meet an amazing partner. It would have been like finding a needle in a haystack if it had not been for the team at Revolution Dating. We have been together for years now and have never been happier.” - Pam

- Pam, Gyrotonics Studio Owner & Gerry, Business Owner May 20, 2015

"After over 20 years of marriage we know that true love exists, and celebrating with Revolution Dating is the best. Working along side Kelly and her team, I see first hand how connections are made and love blossoms. Kelly keep doing what you do, changing lives and helping singles of all ages find True Love! You're the best!" - Anne

- Anne, Graphic Designer & Tony, Business Owner May 6, 2015

“Frank and I are so happy! He even gave me his remote! My advice for women, have patience, men do not easily give up their freedom. Frank said he wanted to be 110% sure it would work, as he did not want to break my heart. After he was sure, he told me, ‘You got me. I’m in love!’ ” - Frank

- Lenore, Retired Teacher & Frank, Retired Capitalist February 20, 2015

"It was hard to meet people after college when I moved back to Florida. I had everything going for me, except having that one special person to share my life with. When Jeremy and I met, in that moment my life changed forever. ." - Kristy

Kristy, Teacher and Jeremy, Environmentalist February 3, 2015

"Dani and I were matched over the Summer of 2014. We quickly discovered we loved many of the same things and really hit it off on our first date. Since then, the tow of us haven’t looked back. We are so grateful for Revolution Team who made our fairy tale love story a reality." - Chris

- Chris, Software Developer and Dani, Comptroller October 14, 2014

"Tom and I met and fell for each other in the Fall of 2013. We were guests at a Halloween event hosted by the Revolution Dating team. Rachel introduced us that evening and we have been dating ever since... we are so happy!" - Eva

- Tom, Retired Business Owner & Eva, Image Consultant October 14, 2014

MARRIED DECEMBER 2016 "I was a Negative Nelly when I joined Revolution. Took a little while, but I found the Love of my life through Kelly Leary. I'm so happy! Kelly coached me at the beginning of mini date nights and was always there for me. Thank you Kelly" - Tom

- Tom, Real Estate Investor & Dr. Terri, Pediatrician September 23, 2014

“… over the past three weeks I have had more fun than I've had in the past 6 years. It holds promise… thank you Revolution Dating..." - Duke M.B.A.

- Palm Beach Socialite & Duke M.B.A. September 23, 2014

"Thank you, Thank you,Thank you. By the way, have we said... Thank you to you and your team!! We are so happy that we noticed your add in the local newspaper. It inspired us to give your team a call to help us find a new adventure and enjoy life with another person. Because of you we are looking forward to the coming Holidays as a couple and an exciting New Year. Much Love to You and Your Team." - Bob

- Lois, Fitness Instructor and Bob, Investor September 4, 2014

"Kelly is a TRUE professional. She operates her business with integrity and honesty. She is truly a perfectionist at what she does. I attended one of her event and boy did she nailed it. Everyone was having fun. Her high level of accuracy in matching the right couple together is truly remarkable. I am friends with a couple who can testify to her level of accuracy. I have sent three of my friends to her as client and they all love her. She is truly the REAL DEAL in the industry. If you are looking for a solid relationship. She has all the right people in her club. JOIN, You won't be disappointed!!" - Marie

- Marie VanGinhoven of Berkshire Hathaway HomeService May 20, 2014

"We have seen with our own two eyes how amazing this club is...you have men, you have women, and you have a nice diverse age group! We are fans of the Revolution." - Marcia

- Marcia and Bruce, Publishes of Nostalgic America Magazine May 20, 2014

"I met Kelly years ago in her private office. At the time of my enrollment I knew the bar scene was not a good option for my age group and I was not interested in risky online dating. Newly single and divorced I felt Kelly's inspiring words and encouragement made sense as an alternative. Now I am happy to say, I have found my Superman! Carl and I got married in in December 2012!" - Terrie

- Carl, Business Owner and Terrie, Real Estate May 20, 2014

"Anthony and I tied the knot in 2015! Revolution Dating is a great option for young professionals who don't have the time to look or play the dating game." - Jaclyn

- Jaclyn, Brokerage Operations Manager & Anthony, Retail Management May 19, 2014

"Kelly and her team are incredible at listening to what you really need, even if you don't realize it yourself. If you are serious about meeting quality women, you should work with Revolution Dating. Jennifer and I were personally matched at Revolution Dating's Great Gatsby Party in 2014. We are so happy and I expect our future hold only what is best for the both of us." - Dennis

Dennis, Bulider & Jennifer, Pharmacutical Sales March 27, 2014

"When I found myself a single mother at the age of 42, I thought 'how in the world will I ever find love again'? After being encouraged by friends, I tried online services, only to find that most of the men I was interested in had misrepresented their credentials. That’s why I decided to meet with Kelly and give her service a try. I really had nothing to lose! The support I received from Kelly and her staff was amazing. As a result of this incredible service, I have been married since November of 2008. Since our wedding, Kelly has been in constant contact with my husband and I. We are so excited, and wish her the best with REVOLUTION DATING!" - Denise

- Denise and Rich March 27, 2014