Words From THE Florida Matchmaker:

Welcome to the Revolution Dating Experience! Our mission is to go above and beyond just setting you up on “dates”…our objective is to help you find true love and/or long-lasting companionship with ease and sensibility “off line” of course! We are all about a life-changing experience and we are grateful to share it with all of you. We have TWO MAJOR announcements. We are so thrilled to let you know that 2018 was a record-breaking year for new enrollments, engagements, and marriages. We also are happy to announce that since Revolution Dating has dominated the Treasure Coast and Palm Beach County, we have now opened ANOTHER location in Broward County “by demand” after many clients were driving to our Palm Beach Gardens headquarters from Coconut Grove and Fort Lauderdale. We are ecstatic to share our mission of love with the southernmost part of Florida! Dreams really can come true…we see it every day. Obviously, there is no better time like the new year to start your revolution of love and we are here to help you get started! It’s easier than you think. Find love offline in two-oh-one-nine!

In my 28 years in the industry, I have never seen more happy clients, couples, and word-of-mouth referrals. Thank you for sharing your knowledge about us and for spreading our message of love, life, laughter, and romance. We meet incredible people, daily, proving consistently: “All of the good ones are not taken!” Just look in the mirror!

My team and I are happy to report, THOUSANDS of couples spent the Holidays TOGETHER all because of us! Just take a look at all the photos on this website…the pictures speak 1000 words of love!

Some of our favorite venues for events (which are not mandatory) have included the elegant The Brazilian Court Hotel on Palm Beach Island, Jupiter Beach Resort, Abacoa Golf and Country Club, Spoto’s Blue Point Lounge, The Melting Pot, Vic and Angelos, Rocco’s Tacos, The Vero Beach Resort and Spa, The Pirates Cove Resort in Stuart, Salt 7 in Delray, Revolutions Bowling, Lighthouse Cove Adventure Golf, and Bistro Chez Jean-Pierre of Palm Beach Island to name a few. Only the BEST for our clients!!

Our 2019 schedule of events and matchmaking is absolutely mind-blowing for all to enjoy. There is something for everyone! Once you become an official member of this club, you will be able to see the event schedule on this website (another reason to get started now…you have to reserve your spot at each event…and know that many just prefer one on one set ups)!

As you know, Revolution Dating LOVES to “Give Back” to the community. We have sponsored local charity events including the Blue Water Babes “Fish for a Cure” and FIVE Bachelor and Bachelorette Auctions to benefit local animal rescues. We have also sponsored the Palm Beach Holiday Boat Parade benefiting Toys for Tots, Artigras, Surfers for Autism, and Shamrocks & Shenanigans! THE Florida Matchmakers also teamed up with Rocco’s Tacos, Tito’s Vodka, Josh Cohen of ESPN Radio in West Palm Beach, and Jonathan Duerr who was the nominated Man of The Year to benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Together we raised thousands of dollars at our Annual Love-Fest!

One of the coolest things about Sponsoring Charity Events is that we almost always run into at least ten or more of our Revolutionary Couples at each event! Coincidence? Doubtful. Their similar commitment to “giving back” speaks to the character of the clients we represent. We also have met many new clients while hosting such Charity Events. Previously, we were sponsors of Team Olea at PGA National Resort and Spa (visit our Gallery page to see photographs from all of these events and more).

Remember, our dating events are NOT mandatory and we can set you up on private one-on-one dates too (for the V.I.P., private single). If you do opt for events, please know that the majority of our events are private at Revolution Dating and ages range from the 20s to the 70s plus (we even have some hot steppers in their 80s and they are having a ball). With kayaking, mini golf, dinner parties, and cocktail parties our guest rosters will be filling up fast this month! Our events always book solid! Don’t hesitate to get revolutionary today…as seats are limited!

Our social club has been wildly attractive to MALE and FEMALE clients who are sporty, glamorous, and professional. There truly is something for everyone: from the “Suit and Tie Man” to the “Down to Earth Woman!” Friendship and romance BY Revolution Dating has become a Florida favorite because we attract an impressive array of eligible men and women from Palm Beach to South Beach to Vero Beach. Guests at our cocktail parties enjoy a red carpet experience from the moment they arrive to the moment they leave (many depart in pairs as you can see in our photos). Our casual yet sophisticated events usually have a combined indoor and outdoor setting that features signature cocktails, appetizers, and live music. Professional photographers are also on-hand to capture magical moments.

We typically have one to three events planned per month, depending on the month. From the outdoor sporty events to the fine dining experience, RESERVE your place in the club and start your revolution today. Our firm customizes its memberships to suit each client’s needs, dating experience, and taste!

Most of all, we want you to be comfortable and we want you to tell your friends! We proudly receive a large percentage of our client base comes word-of-mouth referrals. Do SHARE the Love!


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We look forward to going beyond just setting up dates. After college or retirement, it is hard to find new “quality friendships,” not to mention new love connections. I am proud to have changed that dating dilemma for South Florida and Treasure Coast Singles for 28 successful years. People bond at my club quickly simply because they are like-minded and our clientele all has skin in the game! Some bond in friendship and more often in LOVE. It feels good to make others happy and it makes me happy to have been given the key to help. I am grateful to all of the many Floridians that have “Followed the Matchmaker” for so many years and I am excited to meet more amazing people in 2019! The more the merrier! Cupid is aiming her arrow at YOU! You’re next!

Revolution Dating is an exclusive Florida matchmaking service that helps single, divorced or widowed men and women find friendship and romance. Revolution Dating keeps all inquiries PRIVATE. Call Revolution Dating to begin at 561-630-XOXO (9696) in the Palm Beach area, 954-420-XOXO (9696) in the Broward/Dade County area, or 772-932-HERE (4373) on the Treasure Coast, and schedule YOUR complimentary interview with us today. True romance is closer than you think! It’s just a phone call away in fact!

Set your intention to find REAL romance in 2019…and you will! The calendar will turn fast and we are here to help you find your special someone in less time, with less headache. No one wants to be alone in life and THE Florida Matchmakers are here to help! Thank you for loving our REVOLUTION. It’s who we are now and who we have always been. We are all made with love and happiness and want to share it with the world. Wishing you happiness and gratitude from our office to your heart. Hope to see you at our next mixer! #BeTheChangeYouSeek #RDCouples #BeRevolutionary #TheWorldIsInYourHands #JoinTheLoveMovement #CallMeetLoveToday #IfNotNowThenWhen #LeaveYourShell #RevolutionDating #MeetTHEFloridaMatchmakers #LoveOffLineInTwoOhOneNine #TellYourFriends

Much Love to You and Yours,
On behalf of the wonderful cupids and myself,
Kelly Leary, M.S.
President & Founder
The love in US honors the love in YOU.